Siciliana by the Sea

May 22, 2014

The island of Sicily has more vineyard area than any other region in Italy. It’s also a very diverse growing region: mountainous in its center, and sloping down to salt flats at the sea. This diversity creates many different climate types and vineyard expressions.

Siciliana is made from Nero d’Avola grown in both the inner, mountainous regions of Sicily, and from vineyards very near the coast, where the winery is located. The wine’s complexity comes from a blending of various vineyard types which each lend a special characteristic to the wine’s flavors and aromas. It’s a complexity way beyond its price point, and something that is impossible to replicate anywhere else in the world.

One of Siciliana’s vineyards, an hour from coast:


Curious Cork President Danny Keefe and consulting winemaker Alex Cose near the Siciliana winery:


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