Garnacha: A Brief History

June 03, 2014

The grape Garnacha is synonymous with Grenache. Though it eventually became more popular in France—particularly in the Rhone—Garnacha originated in Spain. It is thought that the grape was spread up through the Languedoc/Roussillon and eventually into the Rhone when the kingdom of Aragon was at its height and controlled much of the Mediterranean.

Garnacha originates from Aragon, which sits about half way between Barcelona and Madrid. Ironically enough, Garnacha was born specifically in a region now known as Cariñena. The region of Cariñena is dominated by Garnacha, and its namesake grape (Carignane in French) is a lesser player in the appellation. Within Cariñena, one can find some of the most ancient Garnacha vineyards in Spain. Bodegas Care, pronounced “Car-aye,” is the proud owner of many of these ancient vineyards, such as this proud and mighty plot:

Care Winery

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