Danny Keefe

Founder and President of Sales

Although Danny has loved wine for almost as long as he can remember, he never thought he would be lucky enough to turn his passion into his career. Danny was so driven by his love of wine and Italian culture, in 1999 , Danny and his wife Liesl made their second home in Cortona, Italy. For the last two decades the Keefes would visit Italy as often as they could, eventually bringing their daughter Chiara with them. They became immersed in the Tuscan culture, developing deep friendships with many of the local people and following their curiosity to discover many new wines along the way.

Further driven by his passion, Danny began importing the wines of his dear friends the Baracchi family – sharing his discoveries with his loved ones back in Denver. But it wasn’t until Tyler suggested that he turn this pastime into a business that Danny realized his hobby was his vocation. After that, Danny never looked back. With Tyler’s support, Danny has been able to bring his love for wine to the world, calling on his friendships and connections in Tuscany, and scouring Europe for exciting and unique wine discoveries that are highly sought after in the U.S. market.

Danny aims to share the magic of wine with everyone; it’s his philosophy that there is a wine for every occasion and for every palate. It is this notion coupled with Danny’s unabashed generosity and true belief that wine is about happiness that helps makes Curious Cork Imports one-of-a-kind.