Samantha Altomare

Director of Operations

Samantha fell in love with wine at Sonoma State University and decided to pursue her passion as a career, entering the industry as Hospitality Manager of high end luxury wine properties in Napa and Sonoma through Foley Family Wines at Kuleto Estate and Lancaster Estate. On her honeymoon to London, Paris, Champagne and Rome, Samantha gained a new appreciation and curiosity for European wines.   Samantha brings curiosity to her role as Director of Operations through her constant quest for organization and better operational practices. Samantha somehow manages to not only organize Curious Cork’s day-to-day business functions, but somehow keeps her colleagues on track as well!  Wine is an integrated part of Samantha’s life – when she is not busy running the operational foundations for Curious Cork, Samantha can be found daydreaming about her next European wine getaway, quizzing her husband Kyle, on pairings and blind tastings at home, or hosting wine tasting parties for friends.