Todd Joersz

Executive Sales Manager 

Todd first discovered his love for wine while working at a wine retail shop in the Vail Valley of Colorado. The storeowner was passionate about wine from all over the world, which she shared with her staff during tastings at her home. As Todd gained familiarity and comfort talking about wine, his interest only continued to grow. His curiosity combined with his desire for travel took him first to Paso Robles, throughout the wine country of California into Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, and north into Willamette Valley Oregon. 

When his career changed tracks to distribution and imports, he began to focus on old world wines; he loved learning the stories, meeting the people of these top wine producing countries, and learning about their craft. In the last several years Todd has traveled to Spain, Italy, France and attended ProWein in Germany, soaking up wine knowledge along the way.

For Todd, curiosity is what creates passion. As an ISG certified sommelier, Todd believes that wine is an open book; there is no cap on how much you can retain and learn in a lifetime. His drive for more knowledge has given him the opportunity to travel, hear stories from the people who produce the wine we love to drink. He is able to share these stories with others, peaking their interests and curiosity about the wines he sells.

When he’s not exploring the wine regions of the world, Todd loves to snowboard and scuba dive. But at the end of the day you can usually find him enjoying a great glass of wine with clients, colleagues, friends and family.