Adegas Galegas

Country: Spain
Established: 1995
Web Site: Visit Online

Available Wines

D. Pedro Soutomaior Albariño

El Cayado Mencía

El Cayado Joven Mencía

Terras do Cigarrón Godello

About Adegas Galegas

Located in the Northwest corner of Spain, in the famous Rías Baixas zone of Galicia, Adegas Galegas was founded in 1995 with a desire to accentuate the unique characteristics of the O Rosado and O Condado sub-zones of the region. The winery is located in Salvaterra do Miño, which sits on the border with Portugal, in the southernmost area of Rías Baixas.

After achieving prominence for producing world-class Albariño and becoming one of the strongest boutique brands in Spain, Adegas Galegas was acquired by the most prominent group of growers in Galicia in 2012. This group of knowledgeable growers and winemakers has been able to update the cellars and continue improving the vineyard management practices in Adegas Galegas’s historic vineyards. Shortly thereafter, Asunción Carballo was brought in as head winemaker and now leads a team dedicated to producing wines of true regional character coupled with modern and cutting edge winemaking. Asunción Carballo has the distinction of being the highest ranked Spanish white winemaker by Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate, and represents a new wave of talented, young female winemakers in Spain.

Under this new management, Adegas Galegas has expanded their vineyard holdings to produce Godello from the Monterrei appellation, and Mencía from Bierzo.

A Word from Curious Cork

“What made us so curious about Adegas Galegas was this small winery in the southernmost part of the famous Rías Baixas region being recognized and then acquired by the most prominent group of growers in Galicia. When we visited the winery, we were struck by the unique beauty of the O Rosal and O Condado areas—they reminded us of a greener version of Piemonte in Italy. We were also very impressed by the investment and knowledge that the new owners are bringing to Adegas Galegas. Plus, we felt immediately connected to the young and energetic management team and their passion for their home region of Rías Baixas. Though more white wines from Spain are becoming noticed in America, and rightfully so, we believe that Albariño made by knowledgeable and talented winemakers such as those at Adegas Galegas is not only the reigning king of white wines from Spain, but one of the great white wines of world.”