Located in the Northwest corner of Spain, in the famous Rías Baixas zone of Galicia, Adegas Galegas was founded in 1995 with a desire to accentuate the unique characteristics of the O Rosado and O Condado sub-zones of the region. The winery is located in Salvaterra do Miño, which sits on the border with Portugal, in the southernmost area of Rías Baixas.

After achieving notoriety for producing world-class Albariño and becoming one of the strongest boutique brands in Spain, Adegas Galegas was acquired by the most prominent group of growers in Galicia in 2012. This group of knowledgeable growers and winemakers has been able to update the cellars and continue improving the vineyard management practices in Adegas Galegas’s historic vineyards. One of the most noteworthy winemakers of the region, Katia Alvarez, leads a team of mostly women who create incredibly sophisticated wines in the rich tradition of female winemaking in Rías Baixas. As Forbes Magazine noted in their 2013 article about Galicia, “By some estimates more than half of the winemakers in Spain’s coastal Rias Biaxas appellation are women. Although no one in the region could offer me a specific number, it’s a safe bet to say that the winemaking here has a distinctly feminine voice rooted in years of history.”

As another prominent winemaker in Galicia, Paula Fandiño, notes that Rías Baixas is , “a place where there was and is a matriarchy, where women lead. Centuries ago, men used to work on the sea, so they didn´t come back home for months. Women took care of the kids, the home, and worked as grape growers.”

Under Katia Alvarez’s leadership, Adegas Galegas has also expanded their vineyard holdings to produce Godello from the Monterrei appellation, and Mencía from Bierzo.

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