Baracchi Brut Rose


The Brut Rosé is truly a wine for special occasions and not simply because it was produced in very limited quantities. One of the very few sparkling wines made entirely from the signature sangiovese grapes of Italy’s Tuscany region, it was produced using submerged cap maceration, so the must was left in contact with the skins until fermentation had just begun. This process gave the Brut Rosé a very distinctive, delicate and intense color, along with a very floral nose that conjures hints of blackberry, raspberry, honeysuckle and vanilla. With only 6,000 bottles produced, it’s a rare classic.


Blushing pink with a nose of ripe cherries, wild berries and rose blossom. Refreshingly dry with a black currant and sweet almond finish. Persistent backbone with a silky, very fine perlage.

Country of production: Italy
Exposition of the vineyard: South
Alcohol: 12.5% Vol


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