Baracchi Smeriglio Sangiovese


Sangiovese is the most important grape in Italy’s Cortona region. The soils in Cortona are well-drained lime-clay mixtures which— along with the great diurnal temperature shifts during growing season—allow Sangiovese to ripen to an optimal level while maintaining great acidity and balance. Maceration and alcoholic fermentation were completed in stainless steel tanks during a 22-day period, after which malolactic fermentation took place in French oak. Aging was split between a year in barrels and six months in bottles prior to release, and the process resulted in a color and acidity typical for this varietal, but a very soft experience for the palate. Once decanted, the wine is drinkable immediately, and buyers will see why the Smeriglio Sangiovese 2010 scored a 90 rating from Wine Spectator.


Bright ruby red shade. Sweet plum and black cherry aromas with a hint of white blossom. Full-bodied with ultra-fine tannins and juicy fruits.

Country of production: Italy
Exposition of the vineyard: South
Alcohol: 14.5% Vol


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