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Campo alla Sughera

Country: Italy
Region: Bulgheri
Established: 1998
Web Site: Visit Online

A word from Curious Cork

“Campo alla Sughera is a hidden gem in the Bolgheri region. Nestled among winemaking giants, they’ve managed to stand out as a superior quality offering for a stupendous value. We are in awe of their ability to maintain the integrity of a small-production winery – it makes us continuously curious about their values and about their beautiful wines.”


In the lush setting of Bolgheri, on the coast of Tuscany, the Knauf family have created a unique estate in an area famous for its soul-stirring scenery and world-class wines.

The Camp alla Sughera vineyard was conceived according to two cardinal principles: maximum grape quality, and therefore maximum care during growing. 
Campo alla Sughera thereby created a highly specialized 20 hectare vineyard located inside the Bolgheri DOC area. The vineyard is bordered by the Fosso di Bolgheri waterway, making the terroir perfectly suited for top quality red and white wine production. The microclimate further benefits from a pastoral sea breeze from the coast, just a few kilomoters away. 

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