Bodegas Care

Country: Spain
Region: Cariñena, in Aragón
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Available Wines

Finca Bancales Reserva
Tinto Joven 
Tinto Roble
White Macabeo Chardonnay

Finca Bancales

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About Care

Care (pronounced “CAR-aye”) is the ancient name used by the Romans to refer to the town of Cariñena, which then became Caraellana, or “the dear plain”.  This etymology refers to Care’s roots and love for the land which gave birth to the Garnacha grape. In the English-speaking world, it also refers to the care and respect they show in winemaking. Bodegas Care is one of a handful of family-owned estates within the Cariñena sub-zone of Aragon, between Barcelona and Madrid.

As the birthplace of Garnacha (Grenache), the small town of Cariñena within the Aragon region between Barcelona and Madrid remained relatively unknown in the wine world outside of Spain until the beginning of the 21st century. Meanwhile, Grenache gained fame in the Rhone (where it was planted when the kingdom of Aragon stretched throughout the Mediterranean and into France), and then eventually in the New World in America and Australia.

Today, Cariñena has slowly become recognized for the quality region that it is, bringing attention back once more to the birthplace of Garnacha, and one of the original producers of Grenache and Syrah blended wines. Even the town’s namesake varietal, Cariñena (Carignane in France) is being nursed back to prominence within small family vineyards such as Bodegas Care. For those families who recognized the treasures of high quality, dry-farmed vineyards within their possession and stayed true to their roots, Cariñena is finally being recognized for some of the greatest old-vine wines in Europe, such as the Finca Bancales at Bodegas Care, which is a Garnacha vineyard that predates the Spanish Civil War.

Each label of Bodegas Care is an original work from local artist Enrique Torrijos, and depicts an image inspired in primitive art, bringing together the ancient tradition of personal expression and a universally identifiable term, “care.” Both the labels and the wines blend concepts of innovation with raw artistic expression that is so characteristic of the Cariñena region.

Wine Advocate Scores

A word from Curious Cork

“The Care winery’s love for art is expressed through their wines – they are each unique and special, and are a reflection of their winemaker’s passions and inspirations. This artistic expression comes across immediately when you see their label artwork and taste their exciting wines – we noticed their artistic nature right away, and it’s what makes us so curious about Care.”