Fattoria della Talosa

Country: Italy
Region: Montepulciano
Established: 1972
Web Site: Visit Online

Talosa Vineyards

About Talosa

Talosa’s story began long before Italian entrepreneur Angelo Jacorossi founded Fattoria della Talosa in 1972. Beginning in the 15th century, Montepulciano wines became favored by Tuscan aristocracy. A wine fit for nobles, the moniker Vino Nobile was imprinted on the Sangiovese varietal, which gradually increased in popularity among popes, poets and even a few American presidents.

Only a handful of wineries are allowed to produce Vino Nobile wines, lending the region its sophisticated yet understated stature and considerable value among its Tuscan counterparts. Even fewer Vino Nobile di Montepulciano wineries enjoy Talosa’s reputation for creating award winning wines that consistently receive 90+ Wine Spectator ratings.

Talosa continues to uphold its historic roots and commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The Jacorossi family carefully oversee organic growing practices across 32 hectares of Talosa vineyards, which reside at 350 to 400 meters atop the clay-rich hillsides surrounding Montepulciano. At harvest, grapes are transferred by hand to the winery nearby and are small batch fermented in French oak barriques, then transferred for aging in large Slovenian oak casks in Talosa’s historic, 16th century cellars. These historic cellars are located directly beneath the Piazza in the town of Montepulciano. 


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