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Il Gusto Della Costa

Country: Italy
Region: Amalfi Coast
Web Site: Visit Online


A Word from Curious Cork:

“We were immediately curious about this fabulous Limoncello from one of the most beautiful places in the world where they grow lemons as big as your head! We can’t wait for our customers to try it. Also, their Cioccolato is absolutely heavenly when drizzled over ice cream – you’ll be addicted”

Since the Crusaders brought them home from Palestine as early as the 11th Century AD, lemons have been a staple to the Amalfi coast in southern Italy.  With a fruit that boasts medicinal properties along with its distinctively zesty flavors, lemons soon became quite valuable throughout Italy; for centuries men and women have climbed the flowered terraces overlooking the sea to pick the “golden globes.” Limoncello is made from the zest of these lemons and is the perfect digestif for after dinner. 

Il Gusto della Costa is a small family-run production located in the picturesque town of Positano, on a 5-acre organic lemon orchard that overlooks the sea. The orchard naturally produces lemons that are three times the size of those typically found in grocery stores; these high quality, organic ingredients make a superior, refreshing Limoncello whose flavors will immediately transport you to the Amalfi coast on a breezy summer afternoon.