Liesl Pinot Noir

“Anyone who is a wine geek loves German Riesling. We were searching for years for the right partner in the Mosel when we finally formed a bond with Grans-Fassian winery in Leiwen whose family has been making wine contiguously in Trittenheim since the 1600s! At home and in Germany we were also tasting German Pinot Noir (Spätburgunder) that was absolutely delicious. Our new friends in Germany helped us find friends of friends who were growing high quality Pinot. We spent time tasting and following our curiosity until we narrowed in on vineyard sources in the southern Pflaz region as well as some delicious and bright Pinot from the Mosel itself. Together they make Liesl Pinot Noir, another stunning value in the Curious Cork portfolio!”

–The Curious Cork Team 

Varietal: Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) 100%

Vineyards: Southern Pfalz 90%, Mosel 10%

Liesl’s vineyards lie in the Southern Pfalz region of Germany, where Pinot Noir thrives. The soils are deep loess-loam, which means sandy, chalky and clay. Perfect for Pinot Noir. The vineyard area in the southern part of the Pflaz receives significantly greater sunlight hours and warmth during the summers than most German wines regions. As Anne Krebiehl of Wine Enthusiast Magazine says, “Pinot Noir loves marginal climates. Which is to say, it loves warm sites in cool regions. This is the paradox behind the variety’s most poetic and captivating expressions.” Liesl Pinot achieves ideal ripening in this terroir, while the still relatively northern and continental climate maintains acidity and balance.  

We also blend in a small amount of Pinot from the Mosel, which is rare. Mosel is south of the famous Ahr region (well known for Pinot), but it’s actually cooler than the Ahr. Obviously the vast majority of Mosel vineyards are world-class Riesling, but since 1986 (it was forbidden to be planted before), some very good Pinot has started being produced in the Mosel, some of which goes into making sparkling wines. The Mosel Pinot provides a touch of cranberry aroma and adds to the minerality from deep slate soils.

Vinification: Liesl Pinot Noir is100% hand-harvested from small plots with a maximum production capacity of 1,200 9L cases. The wine undergoes a cooler maceration in stainless steel tanks using the pump-over technique for maximum extraction. The wine is then transferred to large oak barrels which help “flesh out” the Pinot Noir without imparting too much “oaky” character to the wine. Liesl then spends several months in bottle before leaving the winery.

Tasting Notes: Aromas of black cherry and dark fruits are accented by cranberry and savory notes. Allspice, cinnamon and clove come through on the mid-palate with the sweet yet savory flavors continuing. A nice acidity frames the wine, with a touch of oak spices and the red and dark fruit aromas and flavors carrying through on the finish.