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La Bella Siciliana

Country: Italy
Region: Sicily

A word from Curious Cork

“What made us curious about Siciliana wines is how beautiful and affordable wine could be. Though Sicily has an ancient winemaking tradition, more vineyard area than any other region in Italy, and just as much variation and complexity, there is a lack of pretense in Sicilian wine culture that translates into unbelievable value. Siciliana wines are strikingly sophisticated for the price.”

Available Wines

Our winery on the West coast of Sicily, in the ancient town of Marsala, employs modern winemaking equipment for production of world class wines. Utilizing all estate vineyards, we marry the bright fruit from our coastal vineyards with the sophisticated richness from our modern mountain vineyards. Our estate vineyards employ the most modern organic farming techniques and are certified organic. This respect for our land shows in all our wines.