A ray of Tuscan sunshine from renowned author, Frances Mayes

“Cin-cin!” With this toast, the Tuscan Sun wines cast their signature warmth and vivacity across any table. Through this line of hand-selected Italian wines, writer, cook, and designer Frances Mayes draws on her long connection to Cortona and her friendships with noted winemakers throughout Italy. As in her many books, Frances captures in these wines her sense of wonder through simple joys.

The six wines are as brilliant and exceptional as the region itself. Tuscan Sun wines capture the authentic virtues of discovery, restoration and refreshment of body and soul. Tuscan Sun wines bring the deep pleasures of Italy to any occasion. A ray of Tuscan sun shines in each bottle.

Label Paintings by Jennifer E. Young.

Tondo Tondo Sangiovese is sourced from the vineyards of a friend of Frances and Ed Mayes. The wine was discovered at the couple’s favorite trattoria in Cortona, where it has been the “house wine” for decades. 

Pensiero Pinot Grigio is sourced from the world famous Alto-Adige region in Northern Italy. The wine has delightful bright citrus fruit and acidity, with a well rounded mid-palette.

Auguri is a “Super Tuscan” blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet and Merlot produced in partnership with a winery that is a stone’s throw from Frances and Ed’s famous home “Bramasole,” in Cortona, Italy.