Valdecuevas Rueda

Valdecuevas is a leading producer in the famous white wine region of Rueda, Spain. Located northeast of Madrid and near the picturesque town of Valladolid, Rueda has become famous the world over for its crisp, sophisticated white wines made from the Verdejo grape.

Valdecuevas makes Verdejo-based wines entirely from their estate vineyards, which are located in the most stony soils of Rueda, and near the Duero River. Valdecuevas is located in what is considered the “Grand Cru” area of Rueda, with ancient alluvial soils that are rich in lime. This terroir results in concentrated Verdejo wines that maintain crisp acidity and an intense minerality that cannot be achieved by the mass producers in the more sandy plain soils of the region.

The new Valdecuevas winery allows the winemaking team to utilize modern winemaking techniques to maximize the flavor potential for their new and old vineyards. The Valdecuevas “White Label,” for example is made entirely from estate grapes and from vineyards with over twenty years in age in stony soils.

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